• Desperation Challenge 3 enhanced (MP4) - Tara & Autumn Bodell

Autumn and Tara go head to head in this challenge to see not only who can hold her pee the longest but also release the most. The girls are given a number of questions of answer, questions to which, for the most part, they are unlikely to know the answers, just to make sure that they have to drink many shots of water along the way, increasing their desperation with each minute that passes. At the beginning, both girls are seen using the bathroom to empty out their bladder. In fact, Autumn has to go twice since she and Tara have already been drinking steadily and they were getting desperate during a bondage session which preceded this. Even after emptying out, there was still a little time before the challenge began, and both girls were already feeling the urge to pee again when they got underway. There were faced with an array of 30 small cups of water, which took more than three bottles to fill, knowing that each of them may have to drink up to fifteen of these. As hoped, most of the questions proved too difficult and resulted in plenty of imbibing. As a result, both girls grew rapidly desperate to pee. Their contortions as they struggled to hold it were varied and very interesting to watch. The body language of a girl's desperation is, for some of us, the most interesting part of the process, and this went on for rather a long time because neither Tara nor Autumn wanted to lose. As the challenge progressed, concentrations wandered and the pee dancing became more extreme. At the end, each girl peed into a glass cylinder.

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Desperation Challenge 3 enhanced (MP4) - Tara & Autumn Bodell

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