• Measuring Sarah (MP4) - Sarah Brooke

It's Sarah's turn to show us how much pee she can hold in her bladder by waiting as long as possible then emptying out into a graduated cylinder. She sits and stands and squirms while naked, fighting to hold back the flood which is imminent. Sarah makes multiple pleas to be allowed to pick up the cylinder and pee, but she is delayed again and again to get her to maximum holding capacity. Her expression looks so strained as she battles the urge to go. Then came the point where if she didn't grab the cylinder she would lose control and pee on the floor. She positioned it between her legs and, after a brief pause to unlock her muscles, she released a torrent of pee into the container and the level just kept rising. (While Sarah was here, we filmed three bondage scenes. She had just finished the first one chained to a chair, and after taking a shower felt that she would be fine for more bondage before doing anything else where she had to pee. She had not really taken account of the fact that she had consumed five bottles of water and a large can of red bull, but hey, I was not going to argue with her. She spent the next 25 minutes zip tied to a bed, and towards the end of that she admitted she was bursting. It took a tremendous effort for her to last as long as she did during this capacity measuring video, speaking of which, Sarah's bladder turns out to have quite a large capacity!).

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Measuring Sarah (MP4) - Sarah Brooke

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