• Holding Contest: Cali Logan, Hannah Perez and Cadence Lux (MP4)

We bring together three of the best models in the business to compete against one another in a holding contest. It's not the first time they have competed, but they have not done so in those sexy fishnet dresses which allow the breasts to be clearly seen. All three girls need to pee as we get started, but it's not serious yet. They've loaded up on liquids and they continue to sip as things get underway, ensuring that in less than half an hour we will have three very full bladders. The girls spend the first half of the video sitting and chatting and their urge to pee increases and they start to fidget. Just when things are starting to get bad, they all stand and pee dance as they struggle with the growing need for relief. They talk a lot about needing to pee in various situations. Cali recounts at some length a very desperate and extended drive where she was stuck in traffic for hours and bursting to pee. She filmed some of it with her iPhone and posted the results on Clips4Sale. It's called "Traffic!!" and can be found by clicking here. Back to the contest, and things are becoming very serious for the girls - lots of leg bending, crotch holding and gasping as they get close to peeing their panties. Who will be the first to lose control, and who will hold on the longest?

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Holding Contest: Cali Logan, Hannah Perez and Cadence Lux (MP4)

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Tags: bound2burst, female desperation, pee, wetting