• Just Jeans 16 (MP4) - 60 minutes

The sixteenth Bound2Burst compilation of excerpts where models are desperate to pee and lose control and wet their jeans. Scenes are typically 4 minutes in length, generally showing the last moments of desperation followed by the wetting accident. The excerpts in this compilation derive from the following movies:

    Amber: Amber's Early
    Lily: Locked Out & Bursting
    Jayne: Stuck Zipper 7
    Autumn: Stranded at the Fair
    Sienna: Speeding Ticket
    Lavender: Dumpster Disaster
    Beverly: Nothing To Go On
    Lily: Under Pressure 2
    Autumn: She Can't Hold It Any Longer
    Tabitha: Roadside Emergency
    Lily & Amber: Only One Can Go
    Lavender: I Can't Go With You Watching
    Jayne: Forced To Wet Her Jeans
    Lily: Bondage Mishap

60 minutes 35 seconds - 960x640 pixels - MP4: 1,427.1 MB

Just Jeans 16 (MP4) - 60 minutes

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