• Cadence Lux: Set 11 (MP4) - 62 minutes

1. The Conference Call
19 minutes 12 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 885.3 MB
With everyone in the company working from home, Cadence is responsible for managing a conference call with her staff, due to begin at two o'clock. Busy with other work, she has both forgotten the time and has been putting off a visit to the bathroom. Finishing her task, she stands up to go and relieve herself when an alarm sounds. The conference is scheduled to begin. There isn't time for a bathroom break now, so Cadence hurries to set up the link. Once online, she does her best to hide the fact that she is bursting to pee, holding herself under the table while trying to present a calm demeanor as she listens to the input from her staff. The call is plagued by a bad connection, and Cadence loses her signal twice. She manages to get it back on her computer the first time, but when it goes down again, she resorts to using her cell phone to finish the conference. Almost at the point of wetting herself where she sits, Cadence finally puts the conference video stream on pause but is still able to hear what the others are saying through her headset. She hurries to the bathroom snd stands her phone on a table, the conference stream still on pause. She is forced to undress because, today of all days, she chose to wear a leotard underneath her office clothing. When she is virtually naked, she sits down to pee, unaware that the conference stream has re-established itself and the other participants can see what she is doing. Mortified, Cadence ends the call.

2. Cadence Gets Herself Desperate
31 minutes 33 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 1,463.5 MB
Cadence believes you won't accept that she has been drinking liquids in preparation for getting herself desperate, so she lets you see her sitting and drinking, chatting casually as she lets her bladder fill. When she needs to pee and the urgency is growing fast, she has a collar secured around her neck and her wrists are locked in cuffs high behind her back. No way can she reach to unbutton her jeans to ease the pressure as her abdomen expands, still less actually put down her pants and panties to pee. To add a little more stress, cadence is asked to sit in her car for a while with the seat belt on, adding just a little more pressure and making her desperation more acute. Knowing that she is getting close to losing control, she gets herself out of the car, still trying to hold on, but she is leaking. Soon, she can't control herself anymore and she wets her jeans, her expression of relieve visible as she does so. With her hands still locked high behind her back, Cadence can't remove her soaking wet jeans and is forced to sit in them for a while. Right at the end, she is freed and we get to see her wet panties.

3. You Can't Pee Yet
11 minutes 10 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 516.9 MB
Having consumed so much liquid for her previous video, it was almost inevitable that Cadence would find herself in trouble during her next movie which involves being locked in handcuffs and her ankles shackled. Standing with her arms around a tree, her wrists secured, Cadence has to admit that she really needs to pee and wants to know how much longer filming will go on. Now that we know she needs to pee, filming is going to go on for a while yet! Cadence asks several times about being allowed to pee, and finally asks if she can just go ahead and wet herself (she's wearing a skirt so it probably wouldn't show). There is, alas, a little problem: She is wearing knee high suede boots and she definitely cannot pee on those. She is left with no choice but to go on waiting. When it is clear that she is soon going to lose control, her hands are freed and Cadence is able to lift her skirt, pull down her panties and squat, still wearing the shackles. She holds the chain out of the way and she squirts pee onto the woodland floor, hugely relieved at being able to go at last.

Cadence Lux: Set 11 (MP4) - 62 minutes

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