• Three Desperate Girls enhanced (MP4) - Jasmine St James, Candle Boxxx & Dixie Comet

Three girls desperate to pee, each of them wearing a pair of jeans. The most desperate of the three is Jasmine who starts out (in her estimation) and 9.5 on the desperation scale. This recording coincided with her twenty-first birthday, an occasion that was not lost on her two companions who decided to give her 21 birthday spanks on the backside, sheer torture for Jasmine whose bladder was almost bursting at this point. Jasmine struggles to keep holding on, but less than half way through the video she simply can't wait any longer and wets her jeans. They do get wet too! She produced a huge quantity of pee for her, so that the back of her jeans got completely drenched. We kept Jasmine sitting on set in her wet jeans for a few minutes, but she was clearly getting cold and needs a hot shower. She ran upstairs and turned on the water, not a sound her two companions want to hear, but this was a suitable revenge for the torturous spanking they took so much delight in doling out. Candle's desperation increases fast and she is the next to yield. She decides to pee into a 32-ounce cup that she's been drinking from all morning, just to see if she can fill it. She succeeded with plenty to spare because she subsequently pulled her jeans back up and continued peeing, still managing to give the jeans a good soaking. In her antics, she managed to kick over the cup full of pee, but then, that's life with Candle. Dixie, who doesn't usually manage to hold out the longest, was seriously pee dancing by this time so urgent was her need to pee. Like Jasmine, she let it all go into her jeans, giving them a very thorough soaking indeed. Jasmine returned, clean and wearing dry clothes, to watch the remaining action. She even joined Candle and Dixie on set for the last couple of minutes of their performance.

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Three Desperate Girls enhanced (MP4) - Jasmine St James, Candle Boxxx & Dixie Comet

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