• Measuring Star (MP4) - Star Nine

It's Star's turn to show off her bladder capacity by holding her pee as long as she can and then jetting it into a graduated cylinder. She is anxious to see if she can beat her estimated volume of 900 millilitres in Time To Go 12 estimated because she spilled some on the floor). As with other girls before her, when she reached the point where she felt she was at capacity, she was encouraged to go on waiting. The look on her face is one of frustration each time she is delayed; she clearly wanted to say something a bit cutting but decided to bite her tongue. When she was finally able to pull off her clothes and place the cylinder between her thighs, she was so ready to release her pee.

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Measuring Star (MP4) - Star Nine

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Tags: bound2burst, female desperation, pee, wetting