• Battle of the Bladders enhanced (MP4) - Cali Logan and Cadence Lux

A documentary-style video which culminates in a holding contest. It shows Cali and Cadence soon after they arrived, drinking liquids and relaxing in preparation for the ordeal that is to come. We film a forced stripping scenario, at the end of which the girls, now naked, are seen drinking more liquid and both needing to pee. It's time to break the seal. The camera accompanies them to the bathroom as they sit on the toilet and empty their bladders. They continue to drink and soon we start work on a bondage movie which involves Cali being tied up twice. By the time we get to the end of the first part, Cadence is very restless and again needs to pee, so once again she is filmed using the toilet. During filming of the second part of the bondage video, Cali tells her captor: "I need to pee!" It wasn't just an act; she was informing us that she really did need to pee. By the time the scene was over Cali was extremely anxious to get the ropes off and run to the bathroom. She partially frees herself as part of the bondage video, then she is filmed finishing the release during which she is extremely anxious. When asked how she is doing she replies, somewhat shortly, "I need to pee." Cadence, never one to pass up a bit of fun, moves around behind Cali and briefly tickles her while Cali is frantically trying to get loose. Things don't improve much when the cameraman blocks her way to the bathroom, but not for long because she is getting a bit short. She really does need to pee, and the relief on her face when she does so tells it all. Finally, it is time for the contest to begin. Someone used the phrase "battle of the bladders" which certainly makes for an apt title. By now, the girls have been here for three hours. They had peed twice and consumed a lot of fluid. Cadence is already in a fairly desperate state as the contest gets underway, and while Cali seems to have things under control at first, it is not long before she begins wiggling her legs and squirming around as her bladder fills too. The desperation body language grows more acute as the minutes slip by and it is soon clear that both girls are bursting to pee.

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Battle of the Bladders enhanced (MP4) - Cali Logan and Cadence Lux

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Tags: bound2burst, female desperation, pee, wetting