• Second Measure (MP4) - Tilly McReese

Since Tilly's first capacity measuring video was rather short, owing to her somewhat dire circumstances at the time, we thought we would create a second one where things moved along at a more measured pace, so to speak. She starts off in a fairly relaxed state but with a pretty full bladder. She chats and drinks until, suddenly, she really needs to go and the squirming and gasping really get underway. Tilly removes her panties when she feels she is getting close to having to release, then finally relieves herself in the graduated cylinder for a second time. How does her volume compare with the day before? How much difference does the level of desperation make?

21 minutes 04 seconds - 1280x720 pixels - MP4: 657.3 MB

Second Measure (MP4) - Tilly McReese

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Tags: bound2burst, female desperation, pee, wetting