• Past Catching Up (MP4) - Jessica a.k.a. Bella Ink

Jessica is busy decorating for the holidays, needing the bathroom but holding it until she has finished her tasks. Suddenly, she discovers that a work colleague has unexpectedly let himself into the house. She demands to know what he is doing there, squirming because she really needs to pee but determined to deal with this situation first. It turns out that her colleague has uncovered something about her past, a conviction that may well lose her the job she has now, if he were to talk. In exchange for his silence, he is going to need some money... oh, and, clearly she needs to pee so she can also delay going to the bathroom. In fact, he wants her to delay so long that she is compelled to wet her pants in front of him.

19 minutes 56 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 934.6 MB

Past Catching Up (MP4) - Jessica a.k.a. Bella Ink

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