• Jessica: Set 2 (MP4) - 47 minutes

1. Squirming in Jeans (18m 30s)
We invited Jessica to have some drinks with us, use the bathroom and then have more drinks. The result, she needs to pee like a racehorse! Naturally, we're not going to let her use the bathroom a second time. No, no, no, we tell her we need her to hold it. A desperate woman will always ask: "How long?" The answer, as you might expect, exceeds her capacity to wait. She is told 20 or 30 minutes, and she looks suitably horrified. The result is a frantic struggle to wait, lots of knee bending, legs crossing, gasping and pleading for the bathroom. There's nothing quite like watching a woman who is on the verge of wetting her jeans!

2. He Won't Let Me Pee (14m 49s)
Jessica arrives home absolutely bursting to pee, but as soon as she enters the kitchen she encounters a burglar. In panic, she tries to run back outside but the man catches her and makes her sit down on one of the kitchen chairs. He orders her to stay put and asks her where she keeps her valuables. Jessica explains that she needs to use the bathroom, her body language making it clear that her need is urgent. The burglar is not interested in her predicament and repeats his question. Jessica's voice shakes as she struggles to keep from wetting herself in front of this stranger, and she knows she has to try something. When the man's attention is elsewhere she makes another attempt to leave the house, but he stops her again. Since she won't cooperate, he pulls up a chair and sits down, keeping her covered as her makes her stand in front of him. He tells her she is not going anywhere until she tells him what he wants to know. (Jessica actually needed to pee about half an hour before we filmed this one; she endured a bondage video while holding it in. By the time we began this scenario she was in a really big hurry, and somewhat dismayed when told that she needed to hold it for at least 15 minutes. She almost made it).

3. Jessica's Naked Wait (14m 03s)
Jessica has used the toilet once and peed herself twice by this time, and because she has been keeping up a steady flow of fluids she is desperate again soon after releasing a torrent in "He Won't Let Me Pee". The situation is made harder for her by being naked and having the room a bit cool, something she engineered herself since a bit earlier she was too hot. So, Jessica pee dances around the dining room trying not to let her pee go, keeping an eye on the clock to see how she is doing. She urgently needs to pee and is aiming for that magic fifteen minutes again. Of course, if she actually made it she would be told to wait for another five, and so on. However, she clearly had to go and lost control a little early. (One detail: she drank several large cans of red bull while building herself up to this, but the effects of those would not have hit her until she was on her way home. That must have been a bit of a frantic drive!).

Jessica: Set 2 (MP4) - 47 minutes

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