• Jessica's Naked Wait (MP4) - Jessica

Jessica has used the toilet once and peed herself twice by this time, and because she has been keeping up a steady flow of fluids she is desperate again soon after releasing a torrent in "He Won't Let Me Pee". The situation is made harder for her by being naked and having the room a bit cool, something she engineered herself since a bit earlier she was too hot. So, Jessica pee dances around the dining room trying not to let her pee go, keeping an eye on the clock to see how she is doing. She urgently needs to pee and is aiming for that magic fifteen minutes again. Of course, if she actually made it she would be told to wait for another five, and so on. However, she clearly had to go and lost control a little early. (One detail: she drank several large cans of red bull while building herself up to this, but the effects of those would not have hit her until she was on her way home. That must have been a bit of a frantic drive!).

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Jessica's Naked Wait (MP4) - Jessica

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Tags: bound2burst, female desperation, pee, wetting