• Jessica: Set 3 (MP4) - 42 minutes

1. The New Neighbor (4m 30s)
Jessica has decided to visit her new neighbor and welcome him to the area. She wears a sexy dress, wanting to impress him. Unfortunately, she has forgotten to pay a visit to the bathroom before setting out from home, and now she is dying to pee. Having only just met the man, she decides not to say anything to her new neighbor, so as he shows her around the property she has to discretely squirm and wiggle to help her deal with a very full bladder. She is just about coping until he takes her into the front garden where there is a water fountain. The sound of running water drives Jessica to distraction and she is now barely listening to a word her neighbor is saying. She starts thinking about making an excuse to leave, but before she can act a sudden wave of desperation overwhelms her and she wets herself. She tries not to draw attention to herself, but her neighbor notices. He tries to carry on as if nothing is happening, at least at first.

2. Measuring Jessica (14m 26s)
Jessica has agreed to wait naked and hold a full bladder to see how much pee she can release into a graduated cylinder. She badly needs to go and pee dances around the entire time she is waiting to go. The sensation is so frustrating that she keeps asking if she can pee yet, and gets very tense when she is repeatedly told no. Only when she looks on the verge of losing control is she allowed to pick up the cylinder and pee into it. Her expression is one of immense relief as she relieves herself. She's in no danger of breaking the B2B record, but she sure did need to pee!

3. I Have To Keep You Here (12m 33s)
Jessica has been taken prisoner by an assailant who intercepted her on her way home from work. He takes her to his basement and keeps her there, informing a colleague by phone that he has her, and describes her to him as Jessica pee dances in desperation. She tells the man she badly needs to use the bathroom but he just makes her stand where she is. As the situation grows critical, Jessica pleads with him to let her use a toilet, and at last he relents. He takes her upstairs, pusshing her and almost making her wet herself before she can reach the bathroom. She is mortified that he is going to stand and watch her, but she is so frantic for relief that she abandons her dignity and pulls her tights and panties down, then sits on the toilet. The anguish in her face softens as she empties her bladder at last.

4. Jessica is Desperate in the Rain (11m 06s)
Jessica, dying to pee again, is asked to sit out on the porch with heavy rain pouring all around her, and hold her pee. She laughs at first, but she gets more and more restless as the sound of the rain making her desperation worse and worse. She tries sitting in a number of different positions to help her hold it, but in the end nothing seems to help. She asks if she can sue the bathroom, but of course permission to do that is denied. Wiggling and moaning, Jessica continues to sit on the chair until the dam bursts and pee streams through the seat onto the wooden deck. It comes out very fast, which means of course that she badly needed to go. After she has finished, Jessica shows off the wetness on the hem of her dress before taking it off, and then removing her tights and panties so that she is naked.

Jessica: Set 3 (MP4) - 42 minutes

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