• New Neighbor (MP4) - Jessica

Jessica has decided to visit her new neighbor and welcome him to the area. She wears a sexy dress, wanting to impress him. Unfortunately, she has forgotten to pay a visit to the bathroom before setting out from home, and now she is dying to pee. Having only just met the man, she decides not to say anything to her new neighbor, so as he shows her around the property she has to discretely squirm and wiggle to help her deal with a very full bladder. She is just about coping until he takes her into the front garden where there is a water fountain. The sound of running water drives Jessica to distraction and she is now barely listening to a word her neighbor is saying. She starts thinking about making an excuse to leave, but before she can act a sudden wave of desperation overwhelms her and she wets herself. She tries not to draw attention to herself, but her neighbor notices. He tries to carry on as if nothing is happening, at least at first.

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New Neighbor (MP4) - Jessica

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Tags: bound2burst, female desperation, pee, wetting