• Someone Is Watching (MP4) - Violet

Violet is rushing for home because she is desperate to pee. As she runs along her driveway, she passes a car parked to the side with someone sitting in it. She hurries to the front door and tries it, only to discover that it is locked and she has forgotten her keys. Unable to get in to relieve herself, she quickly calls her boyfriend to ask when he will be home; apparently, not for some time. Violet is so desperate she tries to pee on the lawn, but can't conceal herself well enough from the person in the car. Unable to think clearly about what to do next, she sits on the seat on the porch, struggling to control herself. As a wave of desperation overwhelms her, she jumps up and tries again to get the door open. While she is standing there, she starts to wet her pants. There is no stopping it now. Soon, her jeans are soaked and her boots are full of pee; when she moves, she can hear it sloshing around. She can't even remove her well jeans a pee-filled boots, not with someone watching her.

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Someone Is Watching (MP4) - Violet

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