• No Choice But To Hold It (MP4) - Violet

The tried and tested method of making a girl hold it when she needs to pee, Violet had her ankle chained to the wood stove, making sure she could not get clear of the carpeted area and therefore could not pee, no matter what. She continues intaking fluid for much of this video. Her transition from mild discomfort to a serious desire to pee is clear to see as the minutes pass, with Violet resorting to holding herself while her fidgeting grows increasingly pronounced. After waiting for over 40 minutes, Violet makes a bid to retrieve the vase but she can't quite reach it. When she has it handed to her at last, she removes her panties and pees into the vase, taking quite a long time to empty out. At the conclusion of the video, the pee is poured into the graduated cylinder to determine how much Violet had been holding.

45 minutes 44 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 2,116.0 MB

No Choice But To Hold It (MP4) - Violet

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