• Desperate To Close The Deal (MP4) - Violet

As a beginner in the real estate business, Violet is anxious to please her clients and also quite naive about how to conduct herself. In the hope of satisfying one of her first clients, she promises that she can arrange for him to rent a house in the country. Indeed, the client is interested in a particular house, but when she approaches the owner, he is not interested in vacating his property for a year, regardless of the incentive offered. Violet looks a little lost, and is wondering how to get herself out of this situation when the owner notices that she is squirming and needs to pee. He suggests that if she is prepared to hold it for him, he will reconsider the situation. Violet is already struggling to control herself and is not at all sure about doing what this man is asking of her. He insists that it's the only way he is likely to comply with her request.

Violet is still very new at this. She was seriously desperate to pee during this one, and just kept holding it, waiting for me to give some indication that she could release. Of course, I didn't do anything of the kind and she just went on holding it, literally bursting. In the end, she asked if I could cut for a moment to ask if she could go. I told her I was waiting for her to choose her moment. Of course, now that we had an edit point, I told her she needed to continue to wait for a few more minutes before losing control. She didn't last that long because she was so obviously on the brink of losing it. When she pees, it comes out in a series of spurts (this seems to be Violet's style of urinating). I should have included this brief sequence at the end of the video but didn't, so it is included as an extra file (look for Desperate To Close The Deal Extra in the download list after making the purchase).

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Desperate To Close The Deal (MP4) - Violet

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