• Chained To The Stove Highlights: Volume 2 (MP4) - 83 minutes

Each sequence lasts for about seven minutes, capturing the last minutes of desperation before the girls are able to gain relief. Because they are chained to the stove and can neither leave nor reach anything to pee in to, they are all in a very desperate state during these final minutes. Some of them resort to begging for the vase to be handed over, worried that they will lose control and piss on the carpet if they don't get it immediately. This compilation may also be regarded as "The Capacities: Volume 4" since, in all cases, the pee is transferred from the vase to a graduated cylinder and the quantity measured. Excerpts are taken from the following movies:

1. Restricted Access - Jasmine St James, Cadence Lux & Vonka Romanov
2. The Longest Wait - Becca
3. Compelled To Hold It - Tara
4. Tina Lee & Carissa Capacity Challenge - Tina Lee Comet & Carissa Montgomery
5. No Choice But To Hold It - Violet
6. The Long Wait - Amanda Foxx
7. Going Nowhere - Sinthia Bee
8. Can She Undress In Time - Ten Amorette (Rachael)
9. Restricted Wait - Vonka Romanov
10. The Price Of Failure - Cadence Lux
11. One Hour Wait - Jasmine St James

Part 1: 41 minutes 59 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 1,968.3 MB
Part 2: 41 minutes 30 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 1,951.5 MB

Chained To The Stove Highlights: Volume 2 (MP4) - 83 minutes

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