• Carissa's Dying to Piss (MP4) - Carissa Montgomery

As she always does, Carissa turned up with a full bladder and was dying to pee - she drinks during her drive to us and always arrives desperate. Of course, we then chat to her for about twenty minutes before filming begins to make sure she is even more desperate to go. Once the camera started running, Carissa was told she had to wait for another 15 minutes. She looked rather anxious and wasn't at all sure that she could hold it for that much longer. She did a lot of pee dancing and gasping and she struggled to wait, and somehow she did just about reach the allotted time. It was obviously a close thing and she really did pee hard once she let it go.

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Carissa's Dying to Piss (MP4) - Carissa Montgomery

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Tags: bound2burst, female desperation, pee, wetting