• Carissa Montgomery: Set 17 (MP4) - 46 minutes

1. Coming & Going (11 minutes 16 seconds)
Carissa has a particularly full bladder and the sensation often makes her horny. Today, she sits on a toilet naked, but instead of releasing she decides to hold it while she masturbates to make herself have an orgasm before she pees. She rubs her clitoris faster and faster, moaning as she brings herself up to a climax, then finally she allows herself to empty her bladder. Her expression shows both pleasure and relief as she squeezes the last drop of pee into the bowl.

2. One More Measure (35 minutes 09 seconds)
Unable to believe that her last two measurement volumes have been below her own record, Carissa is very determined to turn things around this time. She plans to wait until she feels she is about to burst before pulling down her panties and peeing into the cylinder. She struggles so hard to hold her pee, delaying and delaying to maximize her capacity, until she is frantic in her efforts to not lose control. Whatever the outcome, it's always good to watch a very desperate woman having to wait!

Carissa Montgomery: Set 17 (MP4) - 46 minutes

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