• Carissa Remeasured (MP4) - Carissa Montgomery

It has been a while since Carissa attempted to improve her bladder capacity. Today, she puts herself to the test, drinking and waiting for her bladder to fill. By the time the video starts, she is already far along and in fairly urgent need to relief. After a quarter of an hour on camera, she has gone from urgent to desperate. At first, she chats away quite happily on a variety of desperation topics, but as her need to pee grows more intense, it takes more and more of her concentration to hold it and she has considerably less to say. Along the way, she also takes off her clothes, aware that she will need to move very quickly when the moment of "can't hold it any longer" arrives. She makes herself wait until the very last moment before dashing to the cylinder, squatting over it and letting her pee go, gasps of relief escaping her as she releases and the cylinder begins to fill.

19 minutes 01 seconds

Carissa Remeasured (MP4) - Carissa Montgomery

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