• Carissa Montgomery: Set 18 (MP4) - 55 minutes

1. So Many Delays
10 minutes 07 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - bitrate 6 Mbps - MP4: 468.2 MB
It's winter and Carissa dresses in multiple layers of clothing to keep warm. The disadvantage of doing this is that it takes so long to undress when she needs to pee. Hurry home with a very full bladder, Carissa steps into the foyer and removes her boots and coat. She dashes to the bathroom, removes her pants and her sweater, and is just about to pull her leotard down to gain access to the toilet when someone knocks on her front door. She is tempted to ignore it, but she is expecting a package to be delivered and does not want to have to go and collect it from some depot. She hurried re-dresses, bursting to pee but forced to hold it. She goes to the door and sure enough, it is a package delivery. She is about to take receipt of it when the driver realizes he has brought the wrong package and must go back to his van to retrieve it. Carissa stands squirming and trying not to lose control of her bladder as she waits for him to come back. Finally, package in hand, she runs back inside. Back in the bathroom, she starts to undress again when another knock comes on the front door. Has the driver come back with something else. She puts her clothes back on and goes back to the door. Instead of another package, the driver wants her to give him directions to find another house nearby. Almost pissing herself now, Carissa does her best to explain before hurrying to the bathroom for a third time. The delay has been too long; before she can fully pull her leotard down she starts to wet herself. She quickly drops onto the toilet, spraying pee through the leotard before she can fully pull it aside.

2. Compelled To Wait
44 minutes 55 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - bitrate 6 Mbps - MP4: 2,073.6 MB
With one ankle locked in a cuff and secured to the wood stove via a padlocked chain, Carissa sits and holds an uncomfortably full bladder. She is drinking water, bottle after bottle, because she is being asked to do so. It's the last thing she needs but she feels obliged to keep consuming the dreaded liquid. As the pressure starts to mount on her bladder, she stands up and begins to squirm and pace to help keep her urge to pee under control. Along the way, Carissa has plenty to say, doing her best not to think about her predicament - there is no way to get to the bathroom and she cannot pee on the carpet. She must keep waiting until she is handed something to pee in, but she has no idea how long it will be before that happens. Her expression looks strained as wave after wave of desperation hits her, and she has to struggle not to wet herself - she has been warned of the dire consequences if the carpet takes a hit. As she gets close to pissing herself, she removes her panties in order to cut down on the time it will take to clear a path when she finally gets to pee. It has to be soon; she is bursting.

Time: 55 minutes 02 seconds

Carissa Montgomery: Set 18 (MP4) - 55 minutes

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