• Carissa Montgomery: Set 10 (MP4) - 59 minutes

1. Naked Wait 5
26 minutes 17 seconds
Carissa returns for another waiting session, this time starting out fully clothed but soon removing everything to pee dance in the nude. Carissa arrived that morning dying to pee, having drunk most of a large cup of soda en route to the shoot. She wanted to catch up on the gossip before we started filming, so she stood there wiggling around for twenty minutes while we chatted. Noticing her fidgeting and concerned that she might not be able to hold it once the camera started rolling, she was urged to get started. Carissa, fully absorbed in her conversation, said it was alright because she could hold it. At the very beginning of this video, therefore, Carissa is really dying to pee, but she does indeed manage to hold it. As she continues sipping at her large soda, however, she finds herself wiggling urgently to continue controlling a bladder bulging with pee. Her strained expressions and jerky movements after she undresses speak volumes about the terrible state she is in. She squirms and grinds and manages to hold it for a while, but she is extremely close to losing control and peeing all over the floor.

2. Carissa Barely Made It
4 minutes 38 seconds
Carissa arrives home to find the door locked and her keys mislaid, and she is really dying to pee. She dances around on the front stoop as she makes a quick call to her boyfriend, but it seems he will not be home any time soon. Carissa hobbles back to her car and begins searching through the trash in the foot well, hoping that she might have dropped the keys there. She squirms and oohs and aahs as she stands bending forward, placing unwanted pressure on her bladder, but ther keys are definitely not there. Ready to explode, Carissa has no choice other than to make a dash into the woods to pee. She just makes it and yanks up her skirt, tugs down her panties very quickly indeed, squats and releases a powerful torrent of pee onto the autumn leaves. The relief on her face is enormous. (The peeing sequence is filmed from directly in front of Carissa and from a fairly low angle so that the her stream is clearly visible the entire time she is going).

3. Letting Her Pee
14 minutes 06 seconds
Carissa is back in the basement, secured to a pole with handcuffed and a dog collar fastened around her neck (which prevents her bending forward, something a women always wants to do when her bladder is full). Having been there for several hours, Carissa badly needs to pee but her captor has not let her use the bathroom at all. He comes in with a giant soda cup half filled with water and offers her a drink. At first she refuses refreshment, admitting now that she is desperate to pee and asking for access to the bathroom. The masked man says he will not let her go, making Carissa plead with him and ask what she is supposed to do. The man offers her a solution: If she will drink the contents of the cup, he will place the empty container between her legs and let her pee into it. Carissa is mortified at the idea, but when the man starts to walk away she realizes she has no choice and agrees to his terms. She squirms as she drinks down the water until the cuyp is empty. The man then lifts her skirt to pull down her panties, but he is feeling her thighs as he does so. When she objects and insults him, he pulls the hem of her skirt back down and starts to walk away. Thoroughly desperate for relief, Carissa apologizes and endures the man lifting her skirt and pulling her panties down to her ankles. At last, just when Carissa is afraid she will lose control, the man places the cup between her legs and she releases a fast, hot stream of pee, groaning with relief as her distended bladder deflates.

4. Right on the Brink
13 minutes 57 seconds
Carissa has been pulled over by a cop for speeding, which is very unfortunately for her because she is seriously, absolutely bursting to pee. She tries to hide her desperation from the cop as she hands over her driving credentials, but as soon as he goes back to his squad car she sits squirming and shaking, right on the brink of wetting her tight jeans. As the minutes pass, Carissa becomes more and more frantic, fearing that she will lose control of her bladder before the cop is finished with her. Her worst fears seem about to be realized when the cop returns to explain that he is having trouble with his computer and that processing her information will take a few more minutes. Carissa is in a panic now, fully aware that she can't wait a few more minutes. Suddenly, she feels a brief jet of pee jet through her panties and onto the seat of her jeans. She jumps out of the car, a big wet patch on her butt. The cop calls out to her, instructing her to get back into her vehicle, but she tells him that she can't and makes a run for the woods. She has left it too late, however; a dark wet patch spreads down the back of her jeans as she runs, reaching her boots and soaking those too. She keeps running into the trees, pee pouring from her, then finally stop and let the rest go. A vast amount of pee gushes down her legs and runs off the inside of her right leg in a waterfall. (This is one of the most protracted and dramatic peeing sequences ever recorded at B2B; Carissa was truly about to burst when she turned up for the day's shoot, and then had to hold it throughout the entire period of set up and filming, approximately half an hour).

Carissa Montgomery: Set 10 (MP4) - 59 minutes

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