• Carissa Montgomery: Set 11 (MP4) - 56 minutes

1. Carissa Wants to Measure Her Pee
17 minutes 37 seconds
Carissa arrived as she always does, full of liquid and bladder bulging. She's absolutely dying to pee and stands in the kitchen squirming and gasping, complaining that her bladder is very full. She is curious to know just how full and asks if she can use a graduated cylinder to measure how much she releases when she has to let it go. She is told yes, as long as she gets the cylinder herself and rinses it out. This she does, and when she reaches her bursting point, she takes off her panties and pees for quite some time into the cylinder. How much pee was she holding? She shows you at the end, a big, satisfied grin on her face. (Carissa is the first model ever to suggest measuring how much she pees. She actually wanted to know if she could beat her record when she went up against Cheyenne in Holding Contest 11.

2. Elevator Desperation 4

19 minutes 51 seconds
Carissa is a company secretary who has been down to the lobby to collect a job applicant and escort him to the board room on the twelfth floor for his interview. On the way up, the elevator breaks down. We join Carissa and her charge an hour into their wait for something to be done. Carissa needs to pee, but as a secretary might do in real life, she says nothing about her predicament to the man with her. She fidgets as discretely as she can, but her desperation grows as the time passes and the elevator remains stuck. Her wiggling becomes more noticeable and her expressions start to betray the urgency with which she needs a bathroom. If the interviewee were to look closely, he would see a bulge under Carissa's skirt where her abdomen is distended, accommodating a bladder full of pee. Utterly desperate to go, Carissa calls the maintenance staff for a progress update, only to learn that they are waiting for a tool they need to finish the job. Maintaining that she is fine when asked if she is alright, Carissa struggles not to humiliate herself in front of this stranger, but in the end she simply can't hold it any longer and wets herself in front of him, pee jetting between her legs and onto the floor with a very loud and embarrassing splattering sound. Carissa apologizes, hardly knowing where to put her face.

3. How Long Can She Wait?
19 minutes 10 seconds
Carissa is being held prisoner, seated on a chair with her wrists cuffed behind her and attached to the chair back, preventing her from getting up. She has been sitting there for some time and needs to pee, so she asks one of her captors if she can use the bathroom. He explains that his partner has the key to the handcuffs but he won't be back for about an hour, so she will have to wait until then. Carissa sits squirming and gasping, screwing up her face as she struggles not to wet herself. She crosses and uncrosses her legs, bounces her knees, and even raises her legs several times in an attempt to ease the pressure on her very full bladder. Her bladder is bulging under her skirt, the waistband now tight and adding to her discomfort. Absolutely bursting and unable to wait any longer, Carissa is forced to pee through her panties and pantyhose, all over the seat of the chair. Pee runs down the chair legs and her legs, soaking her shoes and forming a big puddle on the floor around her. She may have the relief she craved, but now she has to sit in her own pee and wait to be released.

Carissa Montgomery: Set 11 (MP4) - 56 minutes

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